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Beekman Avenue Corridor

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Five Unique Neighborhoods. 

Urban Fast Forward was contracted by the community development nonprofit, Working In Neighborhoods (WIN), to develop a strategic plan for the Beekman corridor, which weaves together five unique communities: South Cumminsville, Millvale, English Woods, South Fairmount, and North Fairmount. Much of the area contains historic industrial buildings, posing both a challenge and opportunity for redevelopment.


Throughout 2020, the consulting team engaged with stakeholders throughout all five neighborhoods. The limitations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic required new methods of community engagement to be developed. Video meetings, phone calls, and socially-distanced outdoor events were used to gather information and feedback from the community.


The resulting plan lays out a series of recommendations addressing zoning, community branding, advocacy, placemaking and urban design, among others. Key locations were identified as locations where focused activity could lead to catalytic improvement, including the newly constructed Lick Run Greenway, a major asset for the neighborhood. This plan is grounded in achievable changes that builds upon the drive of the passionate people who reside in the community.


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