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Full Steam Ahead in Bond Hill

July 25, 2018 Bond Hill - Full Steam Ahead

Click HERE to see video.

The Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority (GCRA), Bond Hill Community Council, City of Cincinnati, Community Economic Advancement Initiative (CEAI) and Bond Hill & Roselawn (BH+R) Collaborative celebrated the kick off of renovations of the Bond Hill Business District on July 25, 2018 at 4900 Reading Road. The Redevelopment Authority and CEAI have worked with the community of Bond Hill to create a plan to revitalize the business district; it was identified as a number one priority in the BH+R Plan. Since 2015, the Redevelopment Authority has acquired 15 group parcels (21 unique parcels) totaling 3.018 acres in the Bond Hill Business District. Demolition of 34,493 square feet of blighted structures has been completed to make way for new development with the goal of attracting microenterprise and neighborhood-serving businesses. Learn more by visiting

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