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Builders one step closer to opening U-Square Target

The area continues to see new development. In the last year, Amazon Prime, the

Corryville Kroger and now Target have all changed the retail landscape of the area. Chip Gerhardt, president of Government Strategies Group, and Kathleen Norris, of Urban Fast Forward, work with urban development in the city often. (...)

“Urban footprints are smaller. Those very often suit the independent retailers. They don't suit the chain retailers. But Target is smart. They've figured out how to make it work in those tighter urban spaces,” Norris said. “I think one of the things that is happening is the revitalization of the neighborhoods that's happening quietly. We talk about OTR, we talk about downtown, we talk about uptown and U-Square, but we are not talking about Westwood, we are not talking about College Hill, we are not talking about Walnut Hills."

Gerhardt said this is just the beginning of big changes for Cincinnati.

“The answer is yes, more development will occur. It will be commercial space as we are seeing right now, residential, the number of new residents up there is significant,” Gerhardt said.

“Ten years ago, people told us Over-the-Rhine was impossible, and look at us now. I think Cincinnati is a city that gets things done,” Norris said.

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