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Northbrook Now

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Northbrook Now

Facing, a changing housing demographic, the community of Northbrook needed a guiding strategy to focus its energy on driving revitalization in this mid-century neighborhood of Colerain Township. The township worked with Urban Fast Forward to develop a housing revitalization, branding, and placemaking strategy for the community.

Throughout 2019, the team engaged the broader community to identify the unique characteristics and energy of Northbrook in developing a customized strategy.


Adopted in 2019, the Northbrook Now plan is a plan focused on implementation and achievable goals for the township, community groups, and other stakeholders. 

This plan realizes the unique passion and drive of the community but also acknowledges the limitations in funding and resources in creating change. Thus, it advises Northbrook that impactful change can be on the ground and incremental, something that will serve as the community’s starting point.

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