September 12, 2017

Alleyways are at worst a blight on the city, uncared for and unattended to, they can attract trash and crime. That's far from necessary however, these so-called "interstitial" places have been used to great effect in other cities and Urban Fast Forward is proud to have contributed to a series of case studies produced by the International Downtown Association on this topic. 

We looked in particular a...

July 26, 2017

The initial signs of revitalization already are there. Artists and art galleries have moved into the neighborhood. A San Francisco restaurateur with Queen City roots is opening an outdoor coffee garden.

It’s still cheap to invest in the Camp. According to the “Made in Camp” neighborhood plan, recently completed by consultant Urban Fast Forward, the median home value is $73,300, while median rent is...

May 22, 2017

The area continues to see new development. In the last year, Amazon Prime, the

Corryville Kroger and now Target have all changed the retail landscape of the area. Chip Gerhardt, president of Government Strategies Group, and Kathleen Norris, of Urban Fast Forward, work with urban development in the city often. (...)

“Urban footprints are smaller. Those very often suit the independent retailers. They d...

March 21, 2017

BLUE ASH, Ohio — Tahona Kitchen and Bar will soon make it “a walk in the park” to get street-style tacos, with the restaurant scheduled to open on March 28 at Summit Park in Blue Ash.

Tahona will offer Mexican street food-inspired fare in a space that has “an urban feel, kind of industrial-meets-California fresh,” said Scott Schmidt, a 30-year veteran of the hospitality industry and founder of Looki...

November 4, 2016

The city covets new development atop Fountain Place in an effort to build density – ideally from new residences near big attractions such as Fountain Square – downtown. Local real estate analysts have said securing new development could help convince Macy’s to keep the store open.

“If they can hang on two years, we can deliver a ton of customers,” said Kathleen Norris, principal of Urban Fast Forwar...

September 8, 2016

Downtown’s biggest beneficiary from the streetcar investment could be The Banks, the mixed-use riverfront development featuring apartments and dining, Dansby said. It more recently got its first retail store in Tervis and office tenant in General Electric Co., which could eventually employ 2,000 people Downtown.

Still, Dansby expects downtown property owners to take a wait-and-see approach before ma...

August 4, 2015

John Yung, UrbanCincy’s Associate Editor of Public Policy, will take on a new role with Urban Fast Forward as the firm’s Lead Project Executive.

John will maintain his position at UrbanCincy, where he has contributed for nearly five years. Over this time he also worked for the Bellevue, KY, and led the effort there to implement one of the region’s first form-based codes. He then obtained his America...

March 27, 2014

Millennials and boomers alike note shorter commute times, walkability and a sense of connectivity as factors in their desire for city space.

“The millennials actually like to travel by transit,” Urban Fast Forward Realtor Kathleen Norris said. “They like to be able to walk out and get a drink or some dinner; walk to the game.”

This is an excerpt of a WLWT story by John London, read the rest here



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