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Mt. Healthy Zoning Code


Mt Healthy, OH. 

After completing the Healthy Hilltops Plan in 2018, the City of Mt. Healthy engaged Urban Fast Forward to implement one of the plan’s main recommendations, the revision and update of the City’s zoning code.


Mt. Healthy had not significantly updated the City’s zoning regulations for several decades. While city leaders approved the last code update in 2008, it did not deliver the outcomes city officials had hoped. The community engagement and review process unearthed these issues and found that an approach focused on retail and development expertise would be a good guide for zoning code development.


The consulting team performed a zoning code analysis aided by the City and a citizen-led stakeholder committee. The study incorporated citizen desires, more robust zoning standards, and protections and elements from the City’s plan into a new code. The new code contained a clearer organizational structure and graphics and illustrations to help both applicants and city officials develop positive zoning outcomes and developments within the City. The draft code is in the process of adoption by the City as of Spring 2021.

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